Welcome to the ranch!

Since 1852, six generations of cattle ranchers from the Martin family have been raising angus cattle to feed healthy beef to families like yours.

Table Rock Ranch

Benefits of our beef:

High protein product for a HEALTHIER life

Great flavor and taste for a HAPPY family

RIch in B-12 & nutrients for optimal daily NUTRITION & weight loss with a keto diet

Increase quality of life making family MEMORIES

Our Story

RM Martin came to California

from Tennessee in 1849 to search for gold- as the Martin men were known for their spirit of adventure. His grandfather, Brice Martin was named after the ship "The Brice" in which his father, Joseph Martin came to America on in 1725 from England. Brice was a Revolutionary War officer and hero from Virginia and was a trailblazer of the western movement into Kentucky and Tennessee. Brice helped establish Martin's Station, a fort near Cumberland Gap, TN.

Grandson, Robert Milton (RM) was elected Sheriff at Scott Bar and served on the Grand Jury then decided to try to "turn the grass into gold" by raising livestock to fill the plates of the hungry miners. He used his gold money to purchase land around Table Rock in the Little Shasta Valley and received the first land grant from the government in the county. He was attracted to the continuously flowing artesion springs. RM's wife, Ann Marchbanks, was the first white woman in Little Shasta. When RM died at age 49 of congestive fever, Ann was pregnant with their 7th child but continued to operate the cattle ranch with her 6 sons and 1 daughter until age 83. Her son, Brice M, purchased the family estate. He married another strong woman, Ida Haight and also died young in a wagon accident. Like her mother-in-law Ida kept the ranch going until her 3 sons were able to take over. Son, Brice P purchased the ranch, and his only son, Brice C continued the ranch until his death in 2015. Today his son, Brice Jr. and siblings, Janna, Jess and Rance are operating the ranch with son, Brice Christoper who has a son, Brice Ryan Martin.

Raising beef responsibly

We raise cattle using fewer resources than ever before

Cattle today require less water, land and energy than it did in the past thanks to continuous improvements.

California beef cattle production is the fourth largest agricultural commodity in the state with over 5.15 million beef cattle and contributing $2.53 billion to the state's economy yearly.

California ranches own or manage more than 34 million acres of rangelands that serve as a conduit for healthy watersheds & provide habitat for many native & endangered plant & animal species.

Did You Know?

+ Grazing can help manage invasive weeds.

+ Grazing can help prevent catastrophic wildfires by reducing fire fuel loads. We provide pond water for fire-fighters.

+ We have bee hives on our ranch so we are helping provide the habitat to keep bees pollination services stable and increase.

+ 70 % of all federally listed plant & animal species in CA occur on grazed rangeland. We are Audobon-bird friendly.

+ CA grazed rangelands are managed by ranchers like us to ensure maximum benefit and efficiency not just for cattle, but for the long term health and sustainablity of the land itself.

+ We participate in the Beef Quality Assurance program which provides tools and education to ensure the best possible care of livestock.

+ U.S. beef is the safest in the world! It all goes through very thorough processes before reaching your plate.